A match made in group benefits
administration heaven...

Scale up

Scale up.

Scale down

Scale down.

In between

Or anywhere in between.

Sit back, we'll do the work

We’ll seamlessly manage your hand-picked selection of providers to deliver a user-friendly benefits administration experience for you and your plan members. And if GreenShield is your health benefits provider, even better as we seamlessly integrate with all
GreenShield products (we are part of the same family, afterall).

Let us be your 911

We’ll handle whatever group benefits administration support you need — at all times and especially during busy periods like enrolment. With our administration outsourcing solutions, say goodbye to panic calls, emails and meetings. Now you can turn your attention to your business and let us take care of the group benefits things.

Take advantage of just our tech tools

Sign on for a technology-only contract, and let our user-friendly technology — like our iBenefits platform — help you rather than hassle you. It’s no wonder our technology administers more benefits than any other platform in Canada.

Benefit from the GreenShield connection

Experience the difference that a long and successful 60+ year history brings to building smart, sustainable benefits plans that are easy to manage. And as a social enterprise, GreenShield’s social impact packs a punch for Canadian communities (maybe even a little bit of heaven on earth).

What you get...

All Canadian

  • Made by Canadians for Canadians means we get it, so you get it — that is, 100% home-grown Canadian solutions. All developed, implemented, and supported in Canada, where we also call home.
  • This means that we speak your language. Only easy-to-understand tech talk and group benefits speak.
  • And we accurately demystify compliance legislation. Nothing is “lost in translation.”
  • Plus, if we weren’t so modest, we’d mention that we’re nice. And polite.
All Canadian
Tailored to all plan designs and needs

Tailored to all plan designs and needs.

  • Traditional. Flex. Hour-bank. No plan gets left behind.
  • Scale up. Scale down. Or anywhere in between.
  • Sit back and let us do all the plan member administration work for you, from hire to retire.
  • Let us be your 911 during busy periods. Just consider us as help-on-demand.
  • Go it alone with your own expertise while taking advantage of our iBenefits platform.

Technology that keeps up

  • One flexible and intuitive benefits administration system means all administration is based on a single source of truth, offering reliable, real-time service that makes every benefit dollar count.
  • Continuous technology updates that keep up with the ever-changing Canadian benefits landscape so you are always one step ahead.
  • All updates. No additional costs.
Technology that keeps up
The GreenShield Advantage

The GreenShield Advantage

  • Seamless integration with all GreenShield products means you get to take advantage of GreenShield’s leading innovations like SMARTspend, Claim Watch and DATAleap.
  • Plus you have access to GreenShield’s claims management expertise powered by GreenShield’s dynamic, rules-based, and fully-integrated claims adjudication system called Advantage.
  • Unique offerings like GreenShield’s Digital Health Clinic support plan members to manage and improve both their physical and mental - while you control costs.
  • As a social enterprise, giving back is at the core of everything GreenShield does. It invests in the health and wellbeing of Canadians through innovative community partnerships. Read more