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Providing a valuable and easy-to-use solution.

Are you a large-scale insurance company? Vital Objects (VO) helps large insurance providers to streamline the administration of traditional and flex-benefit group benefits programs.

What can Vital Objects do?

Explore dynamic and user-friendly features.
Vital Objects has all you need to administer benefits effortlessly.

Comprehensive solution for billing capabilities


Vital Objects billing easily calculates the most complicated calculations.

  • Accurate calculation of retroactive member premium adjustments, including historical rates, plan information, billing history, payroll deductions, tax collection, and taxable benefits
  • A dynamic scheduler for monthly billings and real-time information updates to streamline billing production and premium collection
  • Supports custom fields and ad-hoc reporting features, while providing a full audit trail
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Customer-centered and flexible tool for clients


Provides range of customizable services for our client

  • Flexible member enrolment,benefit plan maintenance, and a self-administration module
  • Allows clients to model different coverage scenarios
  • Offers a customized, branded user interface

More features

View current benefit coverage and
benefit levels

Determine member eligibility, coverage,
premiums and employee payroll deductions

Ensure optimal performances through scalable
and multiple server load balancing

Support multiple languages
including English and French