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iBenefits is our innovative cloud platform, supporting dynamic group benefits insurance administration including Hours Banking, Enrolment, Eligibility, Flex Plan capabilities.

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Explore features like billing, employer portal, member portal, hour banking and more.
iBenefits software has all you need to administer, manage and customize benefits.

Powerful integrated billing capabilities

Billing System

The iBenefits billing system includes hour banking, member enrolment, and benefits administration.

  • Accurate calculation of retroactive member premium adjustments, including historical rates, plan information, billing history, payroll deductions, tax collection, and taxable benefits
  • Supports different types of employee benefits administration, including Flexible benefits, Hours Banking, and Traditional plans
  • A dynamic scheduler for monthly billings and real-time information updates to streamline billing production and premium collection
  • Automated member imports and changes

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Group Benefits Billing Administration
iBenefits Employer portal
Practical, effective tools for your client

Employer Portal

Provides fast, simple access of plan member information to your clients.

Quickly add or update member coverage, and view members’ current benefit status including payroll deductions.

  • Access current and historical company billing statements
  • Submit member changes, including addition and removal of members and salary updates
  • Maintain company information such as addresses and contacts
Easy access for your members

Member Portal

Members can quickly access their current benefit information and make updates to their profiles and coverage.

  • View current benefit coverage and levels
  • Update their personal information including email addresses
  • Maintain their dependent and beneficiary profiles
  • Access important document such as employee plan booklets and administrative forms
  • Complete enrolment and life event updates
Member Portal, plan member self-enrollment
iBenefits supports Hours Banking
A flexible solution for hourly workers

Hour Bank

Support your hourly workers with a flexible benefit offering. Hour Bank is the perfect solution for employees who do not meet the requirements of typical benefit plans.

iBenefits provides support for hour bank plans where member benefit eligibility is based on the number of hours worked. With the iBenefits Hour Bank solution, you can:

  • Track, by member, the deposit and withdrawal of hours to determine eligibility
  • Configure guidelines to establish benefit costing, activation and termination, hour maximums and minimums, and account maximums
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