Financial Dashboard of the group benefits administration software

How to utilize Financial Dashboard in iBenefits

  • Jan 2022
  • Sarah Kim

CWI built the financial dashboard for the decision-makers to oversee their business and their clients.

There are three tabs within the module - Revenue, Benefits & E-signatures


Revenue tab of the Financial Dashboard

  • This screen gives you the big picture of the revenue growth by yearly, quarterly and monthly intervals with the active member trends.
  • The 'Revenue for All' displays billed premium, premium adjustments, and commissions.
  • The user can disable billed premium amount to see a better view of premium adjustments and commissions.
  • The Current Members section shows the current number of the total active, traditional and hour bank members and the premium per member. The small number displays the increase and decrease in the number of members compared to the last month.

    The Member Trend section allows the trend view of the traditional, hour bank, and terminated members.


    Benefits tab of the Financial Dashboard

  • This tab allows you to view the business growth by benefits. You can choose up to 3 individual benefits to compare the revenue based on selected time intervals.
  • If a member is transferred between plans then the transfer adjustments usually cancel each other out but the revenue would show under both the premium and the adjustment as both amounts apply.
  • E-Signature

    Esignature tab of the Financial Dashboard

  • It keeps track of how many of your clients are using the feature and how much it costs to support.
  • If you have any questions about our team or the group benefits administration software, don't hesitate to contact us.